An Unfolding Tale

an experimental fantasy fiction by M.D. Ward


Welcome to An Unfolding Tale.

What is An Unfolding Tale?

Quite simply, it is an ongoing, experimental fantasy fiction written and published by me, aspiring fantasy author, M.D. Ward (you can also call me Matt). Written specifically for an online reading experience, the project is built on modern blogging patterns and the concept of serialized storytelling. Broken out into brief, easily digestible scenes (posts), the story will literally unfold over time.

What do you mean by “unfold”?

Usually, when a story is published it is published in its entirety. The author usually has a vision that includes a beginning, middle and end. With An Unfolding Tale, the story literally unfolds from week to week and scene to scene. As the author, I have a general idea of how the next several scenes will go, but I am not committing to long-term direction. The direction of the plot will develop through the growth of the characters, their choices, my own experience and even input from readers like you!

This, of course, presents its own challenges, not the least of which is continuity, which I feel is important to any fiction (so I will be paying special attention to maintaining continuity as much as possible). How will the lives of this diverse cast of characters intersect? How will they interact? What other new characters will be introduced over time?

I don’t know (at least not entirely), and that’s part of the mystery and the magic of An Unfolding Tale. The author, readers and characters all have the opportunity to experience the continuing story as it unfolds before us.

An Online Reading Experience

In addition to being an aspiring author, I am also a web designer/developer and I have specifically built this site with an emphasis on content, navigation and readability, all in an effort to deliver the greatest possible experience.

Like the story itself, you can expect to see the site grow and evolve over time.

Support the Project

If you enjoy the story, or even if you just dig the concept, I would love your support. You can follow the project on Twitter or like our Facebook page. Also, sharing it with your friends and family would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to get in contact with me directly, you can email me here, send me a tweet or post to the Facebook page.