An Unfolding Tale

an experimental fantasy fiction by M.D. Ward

An Expansive New Fantasy

An Unfolding tale is a new and serialized online fantasy fiction, published in short, easily digestible chapters. Because new content is being added on a regular basis, so there's always something fresh to read. No more waiting months or years between novels.

“Great new ideas from the author to keep the dedicated, and virgin fantasy reader, enthralled from the start… The best part of "An Unfinished Tale" is that I get a new chapter every few days; the worst part is that I only get a new chapter every few days!”— Seth Wyga, Early Reader

The Stories

The primary story arc of An Unfolding Tale will be found right here on this website. However, other related content will also be published through other media. Currently, we have two story arcs for your enjoyment

Shadows of a Fallen Prince

Shadows of a Fallen Prince

In a world threatened by shadows, his death is just the beginning…

When the crown prince of Relen'kar is suddenly and unexpectedly struck down, a diverse cast of characters from across the Realm—and beyond—find themselves cast into a struggle that will change the world forever. Haunted by the prince's far-reaching presence and threatened by an the shadow of an ancient enemy, they will find themselves drawn together in a struggle to find and protect the one power that could save them all.

And the one power that could destroy them.

Some will not survive and others will wish they had not, but none will escape the shadow of the fallen prince.

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Blue Amber

Blue Amber

Set nine months before the events of Shadows of a Fallen Prince, Blue Amber follows the adventures of young Layne Calefar—a shipwright's son working in Stormholt.

When a chance encounter with the mysterious but fatally wounded ranger named Tamnar leaves Layne in the possession of a strange sun-shaped medallion, he suddenly finds his simple life turned upside down. Pursued by the same inhuman assassins who murdered Tamnar, Layne finds himself fleeing the safety of Stormholt with only a drunken mercenary for protection.

Together, they will undertake a journey which, while no more than fifty miles, might just as well have taken them across the Endless Sea. Compelled by both the medallion and his ill-conceived promise to Tamnar, Layne finds himself drawn to the very edge of the Shimmering—and beyond, into the wondrous and dangerous world of the Fey.

What he finds there will shake him to the core.

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